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So everyone can genderbend now huh.

 I didn't know it was a shared ability and all. I often don't use it much cause guys seem a little stupid for me....

I can't seem to turn into my female form for now so this will do. So why'd you all hide it from me????

 You guys could have at least told me it wasn't only me who had this weird transformation ability you know.....

 Well, how are you guys fairing????


Whew, dang frost is dying down.

 With the frost dying down, my head is clearing up and all.... it was really really cold somehow....

 So yea, it seems I'll be catching up in some work. including homework ugh.

 I wonder how my other sisters fared through the cold, seems like I suck the most with them.

 I'm glad to get my figurines and such back but I'm especially glad for my head phones, but I'm glad to have the set Ana got me, and ofcourse the figurine my papa gave me. Thanks papa~!


Hmm... at least the cold went.

 Alright, so I learned NOT to open windows. Seems like the snow beats the sunlight in creeping indoors.....

 So what's been going on lately????

What's with all the people running about the halls about kissing and such? It's kinda funny really since everything seems to work well with the festive season and all I suppose.....

 Alright, time to go do some more things since I'm missed a whole bunch... lying around in the bed all day..... You guys should have visited me... Oh well, those games proved useful for my boredom.

OOC Log compilation


Oh no... why is it so cold.

 Hate. Snow. Cold. Argh.

 Can't. Think. Straight. Brrrrrr.

 Seems like everyone is having a great time with big parties and such.. I really haven't had the time to go after the thief as I should have. No one gets away after stealing something from my sisters~!!!!!!

 It seems like Stanley made it to school and I am greatly happy about it!!!! She seems to like singing... Glad to see that she has similar hobbies... Maybe we could sing together

 I suppose I'll need to rebuild my models and stuff since.... some weird thief swiped them all.... Anyone who knows where this thief might be please tell me...... Perhaps I should look for KJ's gloves too

 So I guess we better go camping soon but it's so cold already... I hate the cold grrr!!!!!

Hey what's everyone talking about?

 What is this thanksgiving thing and turkeys? I was looking around at people's journals but I can't seem to get why everyone is celebrating it all. Thanks giving.... basically its where we give our thanks?????

 I would do the thanking stuff myself but... I can't seem to decide. I thank everyone, everything. Although there are things I dislike and I think that don't seem to be needing this......

 I just don't think I want to go picking people out, it makes those who aren't thanked feel unwanted yea? So if you are nice to me and I thank you, you guys will know by now that I do~!!!!!
 I feel sappy writing this.;;;;;;

 Well er... I'll tell you if I hold you dear if you REALLLLYYY want to know, but then that would mean I wasn't trying enough boo;;;;

...It's gone.

 The rare collection models.... Haruhi... Raito... Hanyuu...

 Even those brand new vocaloid stuff I've purchased....

 They all got STOLEN?


 You aren't getting away after messing with my family's stuff gkjadlfdfad.

 .... ... I'm not happy about this. You better watch out thief, you ain't going to survive the day I find you.

 My headphones... you better not touch them, they aren't something you should dwindle with... AT ALL.



If I had a Deathnote....

 I would write Shorty's wouldn't know what to do with it.

 That show was interesting, it made me rethink about humans definitely.

 The dance... was alright I suppose. Never wearing a dress again....

 Shorty you suck cause I wore a dress and you were stark naked.


 Private to SistersCollapse )

Well er... that didn't go well.

 I didn't know gijinkaing without a gijinka pill was this easy... perhaps I was being lazy

 Well... er.... nothing really happened.. alright? Not going to say I was pecking a keyboard cause I got scared 

 So yea... er... dance... er... everyone ready?!!!??

 Gosh I feel stupid

 Well like... is there any easier ways to turn back to human really? I had ALOT of trouble this time..

 I've also been thinking.... suit or dress people? I don't think I suit my dress.